Oksana Gaidesheva

Canadian Artist Oksana GaideshevaOksana has been painting all of her life as a way to communicate with people the important concepts and the most beautiful insights. While painting most of the work at the North Yoga studio, she listened to lectures by the physicist Nassim Haramein. His lectures are rife with ideas and formulas that she translates into her paintings. Notably, the canvases feature vast conscious cosmos, tetrahedral geometries, torroidal field diagrams, cosmogenesis. All of which express the beautiful nature scapes and macro flower shots.

Those are examples of the most precious and explosive Life and Beauty, symbols of the most powerful principles that she wants to express in her art. People tell her all the time that her work has a great vibe and a joy to it. She is very grateful that her art has a positive and uplifting impact on people. That is some of the best medicine she knows!