Arturo Arcos

Arturo ArcosArturo Arcos now lives in Squamish, but grew up in Cuernavaca, Mexico, a place where it’s always spring, where flowers bloom year round, where the trees are majestic, and the traditions are vivid.

Arturo was a kid who loved to paint; it is still his passion today. Moreover, he is highly skilled at drawing after a lifetime of practice, and needs no image projectors when he draws.

Daily life and the beauty all around him inspire Arturo’s art: a mountain, a bird, a sunrise, clouds, rain, lightning, salmon running, an ancient tree. When out walking, he often stops to touch and feel the particular texture of a flower, or the bark of a tree, or the skin of a fruit. His paintings reveal the eclectic range of his inspiration.

The emotions, science, and the mysteries of the interconnectedness of life and death (in the context of the Mexican cosmovision) further inspire him. More specifically, Arturo is fascinated by Mexico’s rich culture, legends, and mythology.

He studied Fine Arts in Mexico. His art works feature mixed media techniques, sculpture and texture, oil or acrylic, on surfaces such as canvas, paper, or wood.