Miranda Hall

Registered Physiotherapy/Manual Osteopathy/Craniosacral Therapy/
Intuitive & Energetic Healing/Shadow Work/Cacao


Miranda HallMiranda is a registered physiotherapist with a holistic approach to help you heal physical, mental and emotional pain and return to health, happiness and a life of ease and flow. During one-on-one sessions for physical injuries she utilizes her training in Physiotherapy, Manual Osteopathy, Craniosacral Therapy, Joint/Spinal Manipulation, Kinesiology, Visceral Manipulation, Intuitive and Energetic Healing, Inner work, and Shadow work to find the perfect mix to help you with what you are experiencing and to bring you back into balance and health.

She also offers one-on-one Cacao sessions, private group Cacao sessions or Cacao Ceremonies. With the assistance of heart-centered ceremonial grade Cacao from the Cacao Shaman himself in Guatemala, she helps you work on physical and non-physical injury and struggle in your life. From pain, injury, illness, stress, anxiety, financial struggles, relationship dramas to career/purpose challenges.

Sessions explore how you connect to your inner guidance and how to tap into your connection to Source where the answers to resolving your circumstances reside. You will practice connecting, understanding what your inner messages are, how to interpret them and how to apply them and fit them in your everyday life. You will develop strategies to eliminate any self-limiting beliefs or perceptions and to reconnect with beliefs and perceptions that support you on your soul’s path to joy, happiness, bliss, ease and flow.

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