Registered Massage Therapy

Lori O'Hare

Lori O’Hare is a Registered Massage Therapist who has been serving the Sea to Sky community for 10 years, working in both Squamish and Whistler. As a health care professional, Lori is passionate about improving her patients’ quality of life. She believes that at times, we need to rebalance, slow down, and take a moment to utilize Massage Therapy as a powerful rejuvenator for the demands that we place on our bodies.

Lori graduated from the 3000-hour RMT program at the West Coast College of Massage Therapy in 2006. Lori’s focus on a holistic approach to treatment aims to support the body’s systems so that they can perform optimally. Her practice continues to be diverse and she works with both adults and children, athletic and not-so-athletic, and people with many different pathologies. Whether your concerns are orthopaedic in nature or include the management of chronic illness, Lori aspires to be a valuable member of your healthcare team.

When Lori is not massaging, you will find her out on the bike trails, rock climbing, surfing or skating with her roller derby team. Lori looks forward to welcoming new patients to her practice and continuing to provide for those who have trusted her with their well-being for years.

Diana Lussier

Diana Lussier Registered Massage Therapist

Born and raised on the North Shore, I have had the opportunity to work as an RMT in the Sea to Sky corridor for over 20 years. I graduated from the West Coast College of Massage Therapy in Vancouver. After finishing my education in 1996 in both Massage Therapy and Outdoor Recreation Management I moved to Whistler. It was there that I continued my passion for skiing and the outdoors. It was during my 8 years there that my determination and hard work earned me a position on the Canadian National Telemark Ski Team. For four years I had the experience of a life time following the World Cup racing circuit and Telemark Free skiing circuit.

What I have learned most from my experience in competitive sport is the need for body maintenance and rest. I feel that massage works best as a preventative therapy. Although challenging the body to meet one’s goals is beneficial to success, learning to “listen when the body whispers” I feel is the key to optimal, mental and physical health. It is in the downtime that one becomes more resilient and stronger to take on the challenges of life. With continuing education courses I have integrate my treatment style with various modalities. These include myo-fascial therapy ,deep tissue neuromuscular and deep tendon techniques as well as nervous system calming modalities. Understanding body mechanics, holding patterns and history of injury can help me focus an individualized treatment plan for my clients. I enjoy working on a variety of injuries and conditions such as migraines, concussions, lumbar/pelvic imbalances, shoulder injuries, anxiety and depression, scar tissue, and of course the wide variety of sport injuries and work related repetitive strains.

I still enjoy having athletic goals, but most of my time off is spent adventuring with my husband. We are passionate about travelling and adventuring in the back country, ski touring, biking, trail running, mountaineering or heading to the coast paddle board surfing. A new passion of mine has been to re-connect with horses. Through a local volunteer horse rescue ranch SCVR, I have had an opportunity to explore equine massage therapy and gain new skills in natural horsemanship.

Facilitating others to achieve their goals and potentials is such a rewarding part of my career as an RMT. I feel Massage Therapy can help one find body awareness and stillness. It is here I feel one can achieve optimal wellness.

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