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  • Francis Rogers

    Hello! Is there any age minimum for the classes? Or any beginner classes for those with very little experience? Thank you 🙂

    • North Yoga

      Hi Francis! We apologize for the late reply. We had some trouble receiving comments, but we are here now! There isn’t an age minimum for classes as long as we have a parent or guardian fill out a waiver for the young ones. We wouldn’t suggest certain hot classes for children under 15 or so due to the sweat glands of kids not being fully developed. They can become overheated if they’re hot for too long. We may add a special kids yoga class soon, so keep an eye out for that! Our 26&2 classes are all beginner postures. Nothing moves quickly, and all postures are explained in great detail. We also have a ‘Vinyasa Foundations’ class in which everything will be broken down and demonstrated. I would also suggest the YIN class… this is a very slow class, where the idea is for deep stretching and reaching a more meditational state. If you have any more questions at all, we are always available 604 390-3330 or come drop by and we can have a chat! We hope to see you on your mat sometime soon, much light. NY

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