Jodi Dodd

Jodi Dodd

Drawn by the natural beauty and endless outdoor activity that Squamish and Whistler have to offer, Jodi moved to the mountains in 2005. She started doing yoga regularly in 2007 and fell in love with the practice. Although it begins with the physical body, yoga offers a multidimentional experience. It was in this realization that drew Jodi in deeper to the practice.

For Jodi, yoga provides an opportunity to purify and release what is inharmonious in the body and mind; creating space and freeing up energy to live a happy, healthy, and more fulfilling life. My yoga practice has been an ongoing path towards the truth.

There is an innate wisdom in the body and it will always take the path of least resistance and lead towards life and love. Through the practice of yoga Jodi has been able to connect to an inner strength that she didn’t know she had. A yoga practice is an amazing tool for empowerment, growth and understanding. I am passionate about sharing this practice and its benefits.

Crystal Rainbow Borrelli

Raised by Yogis & trained in India. She is dedicated to her roots to teach the old Traditions & practices of yoga. Offering a powerful class in Asana with depth into Pranayama, Mantra & Mythology. She is the creator of Mythic Mantra for teacher trainings and holds international retreats. Her bubbly personality and infectious laugh will have you stepping out of your comfort zone in a playful way to discover yourself on your mat. Her classes will have you sweating, laughing and feeling energized! Crystal’s passion and heart for living and exploring shine through in everything she does.

Yoga Teacher Kristin Campbell

Kristin Campbell


My friends call me KC, Mama-K, Kristin-Campbell, Krispy… I am a woman with many pseudonyms, take your pick. When I’m not teaching you might find me being wowed by my zany daughter, bouncing on a trampoline, picking snap peas off the vine, bbqing with friends, going for a fabulous coffee, or ‘nature bathing’ in the beauty of my surroundings in Squamish, BC. In addition to all things yoga, I keep myself active with crossfit, biking, hiking, trail running, snowboarding, and occasional all night dance parties.

Living Ayurvedically is a passion of mine. Ayur = Life, Veda = Knowledge. Living according to the daily and seasonal rhythms is intuitive, accessible and simple. Ayurveda is considered kitchen medicine. Treat the body first with food. That said, I am obsessed with the power and healing potential of food! I love it all, from kitchari to oil pulling with coconut oil, from superfoods to roasted yams, from watermelon radishes to caribou medallions with black cherry compote, get in my belly!

Yoga Teacher Julia McCabe

Julia McCabe

I’d like to begin by thanking all of my teachers and friends who got me here in the first place. First and foremost: Patrick Creelman, Kristin Campbell, Paul Dallaghan and the teachers of Pure Yoga Hong Kong who I taught with (2005-2008) Ana Forrest and all my students since 2003. I’d also like to thank my inspiring professors during my time studying Kinesiology at McGill University. My degree actually came into good use! Growing up, I also learned the art of pedagogy by watching my schoolteacher parents and later my big sister. They’d come home slugging grocery baskets full of text books, eyes burning over late night report cards and sometimes heartbroken over kids who showed up with the same clothes and no lunch every day. My first teachers, my parents, they are my gurus.

To be straight up, yoga found me, I didn’t necessarily find it. I made fun of my first yoga teacher and through my teen years found most of what yoga professed…to be a load of bull. True story. I had NO clue what I was stepping into. Since 2000, after meeting my first true teacher, it has been a natural evolution, a slow simmer of a magnificent journey. The genuine positivity that vibrated off Patrick during my first class with him in 2000 seemed to affect everyone in the room. Whatever it was that he had, I knew I wanted to live the same way. What I learned was this level of energy wasn’t unique to just Patrick, it seemed that every teacher I encountered who was living in his/her passion lit up rooms and made everyone feel instantly at ease.

I have traveled the globe ever since, teaching trainings twice a year since 2010 in Nicaragua. It has been quite a journey between hard work. sweat, tears, doubt, acceleration and loving connections: from the Daintree Rainforest to the windy mountaintops of Spain. I know I’m a teacher because everything keeps aligning me back to this role even when I think I’ve failed. It is a “job” that arrived quietly at first – like an unexpected new love, I was nudged along, shy and steady to stand at the head of the class. I eventually came into my louder voice that turned out to be a true one for me. It is my wish for all those who study with me to feel the same: to feel whole and to feel heard.

Yoga Teacher Heather Obre

Heather Obre

My relationship with yoga began nearly 14 years ago, and it is a love affair that I will forever cherish. No matter what else has changed in my life over and beyond the last decade, yoga has been my trusted and constant companion. Every time I unroll my mat and take my first forward fold it is like coming home, and beginning a brand new journey of discovery all at once. Encapsulated within one practice is the symbolism and beauty of an entire life’s cycle, but with ever the potential of carrying the wisdom and experience you accrue into the next life, and the next practice. And so on…

I took my first 200 HR teacher training through what is now the Vancouver School of Yoga in 2009, with a strong focus on Hatha and Vinyasa. I followed up with an 80 HR certification in Hot Yoga from YYoga with the inimitable Kristin Campbell in 2011. In 2012, I added Pilates to my repertoire after finishing my certification in Classical Mat Level 1 with Laura Phelps in Victoria, BC. I then spent the next 3 years teaching Hot, Pilates, Flow and Power in North and West Vancouver, mainly for YYoga. In the summer of 2015 I attended a week-long Power Vinyasa Intensive with the amazing Clara Roberts-Oss and began incorporating the Prana Flow style made famous on the east coast into my classes on the North Shore.

My style and sequencing is challenging and invigorating. With a childhood background in dance, I love to weave postures together with musical accompaniment. My playlists are a large part of the experience, especially in Vinyasa. It is always my goal to leave you feeling better when you leave than when you arrive, but wrung out in the best possible way. It is my believe that in order to tap into the bodies’ full potential and in order to quiet the mind enough to do so we must fuel our inner fire, the tapas, and burn brightly from the inside out. This is how we become the physical and metaphysical manifestation of Namaste: the divine light dwelling within us greeting that of another in communion.

To me, inverting on the hands is the closest thing to flying without leaving the ground. It requires focus, agility, strength, grace and trust. When body and soul align, everything falls into place and you feel calm, weightless and free. In yoga, just as in life however, we must be willing to tumble and fall. We must remember what truly matters and develop our practice from our hearts and our individual truth. With a sense of humor we must intrepidly walk the path set before us. What I love about this practice is how it encourages each of us to build an awareness that evolves over time: months, years, a lifespan. This awareness can teach us not only how to fly on our hands, it can teach us about honesty, integrity and love.

When not on my mat I’d like to be found out in nature hiking a mountain or skiing, but these days being a mama to my baby boy keeps me pretty busy. I look forward to when he is old enough to join my husband and I on the trails and slopes, but in the meantime, motherhood is teaching me more than I ever could have imagined about life and myself. It is the most incredible, the most challenging and humbling experience. Thank goodness I have my practice to keep me grounded and sustain my sanity! I am so thrilled to be joining the team here at North and share my passion for Yoga with this vibrant community.

Yoga Teacher Steve Merkley

Steve Merkley

Steve started practicing yoga in 2000, and has been teaching since 2001. He has studied with John Friend, Baron Baptiste, Ana Forrest, Bikram Choudhury, Paul Grilley and many other amazing teachers from all over the world. Steve has years of study and certification from several yoga schools, including the Bikram Yoga College of India, the Baptiste Institute, and the Anusara School of Hatha Yoga.

He has travelled the world teaching yoga, including 3 years in Hong Kong, 1 year in Australia, and 6 years as a studio owner/director in Vancouver, Canada. Nearly 2 decades of study in various practices of healing and schools of philosophy, have provided Steve with a deep understanding of the human condition. With his background as a Physical Therapist, and as a multi-sport athlete, he has gained extensive knowledge of the human body.

Steve’s wealth of experience, and easy-going nature, make his classes both playful and sweet, as well as mindful and deep.

Elizabeth Nerland

Yoga Teacher. Founder and Executive Director of the West Coast Yoga Foundation. Reiki Master. BN (bachelor of nursing). BKin (bachelor of kinesiology). Wife. Mother of 3 toddlers. Green Thumb. Chef. Baker. Environmentalist.

Elizabeth recognized her life’s calling the moment she set foot on a yoga mat for the first time seven years ago. She teaches Yoga as a tool for transformation – working with breath and intention to enhance physical wellbeing and daily living. She sees Yoga as medicine and infuses Eastern philosophy with Western science in order to teach you the “how” and “why” of different poses, sequences and breath techniques. In her classes you will laugh, sweat, breathe, cry, face challenges, rise up, rest deeply, and smash your illusions. Elizabeth is best known for the hands-on assists (massages) she performs during classes, and her passion for uniting community through the art of Yoga. In the words of Mother Teresa, “If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten we belong to each other.” Elizabeth’s ultimate goal as a teacher is to guide the students to ​​wake up to their inherent connection to all of humanity, to the Earth, to the animals and to the Divine. From this place, true peace is born.

Elizabeth is grateful for her most influential teacher, Tina Pashumati James, as well as the many other teachers who have left their inspiring mark on her heart – Eoin Finn, Teresa Campbell, Victoria Grace, Max Strom and many others.

Sabine Hagen

Sabine Hagen


I love all Yoga, I will practice what ever I can from as many teachers as I can. Yoga goes beyond the postures and the flexibility and continually teaches you compassion, patience, and kindness for yourself and those around you. I try to learn something new about myself in every class. It is mostly challenging and always rewarding.

At the moment the classes I offer are:

  • 26+2 the Bikram series
  • Yin Yoga

Charlie Pentland

Charlie Pentland is a Forrest Yoga Mentor/Guardian-in-Training, and is a leading figure in the emerging Forrest Yoga community in Canada. He leads public and private classes locally in Squamish for students of all levels.

As a charismatic instructor, Charlie takes a room full of students and creates a class, and uses the ceremony of Forrest Yoga to lead each class as a vibrant, energized group. Charlie creates the space in his class that he has in his life, full of positive possibilities and passion and magic.

Outside the classroom, Charlie spends time climbing, practicing yoga and searching for new and accurate sources of information. His commitment to yoga and love of climbing have sparked a passion to learn and practice optimal nutrition, biomechanics, self-care and recovery techniques

Chelsea Lee North Yoga Teacher

Chelsea Lee

Growing up as a contemporary dancer,  Chelsea has always been drawn to the sacredness of movement. Her yoga journey began in 2006 when she started going to classes to heal her body from a dance-related hip injury.  However, she quickly discovered that the practice runs much deeper than the physical postures. Yoga helped Chelsea heal both physically and emotionally, while developing a more intimate connection not only to herself but also to others, the Earth and life itself. Yoga has taught her how to breathe more fully, move more freely and be empowered to make meaningful change within her life.

Her dedication to, and passion for, helping others along their healing journey led her to Pacific Rim College, in Victoria B.C., where she completed her 500-hour Yoga Teacher Training, as well as her Diploma of Yoga Therapy.  Chelsea believes in Yoga’s capacity to empower and transform, and loves helping others hold a sense of playful curiosity as they experience this transformation with grace and courage.

As a lover of life and adventure, Chelsea has an insatiable case of wanderlust; however, the mountains of Squamish are home.  If she’s not on her mat, you’ll find her exploring the woods or cruising down the slopes, surrounded by friends and family. Chelsea strives to live an authentic, kind and playful life and believes that no day is complete without a little dancing and laughing.

Chelsea holds deep gratitude for her teachers’ unceasing wisdom, inspiration and support: Rachel Scott, Nikki Manzie, Holly Herman, and Diane Lee, as well as every peer and student she has shared space with.

Sarah Manwaring

Sarah Manwaring

Sarah has been sharing yoga for 18 years and resides in Squamish, BC with her family. As a yoga teacher, she is inspired to create a collective coherence, where individuals can have a visceral experience of ease, power & space both on and off the mat.
She weaves together the wisdom of dynamic movement play with the subtle energetic conversations going on beneath the visible surface of form. In recent years, Sarah has been curiously studying the nervous system as an organ we can learn to listen to as a resource for healing, creativity & presence. With a reverence for yogic stories and the timeless wisdom of practice, Sarah is passionate about the ways we can engage with yoga as a way of holding space for the inevitable paradoxes of truth which unfold in all of our lives.

Sarah’s main influences include her dear friend & yoga mentor Gioia Irwin, Orit Sen Gupta, Richard Freeman, Mary Taylor, Roshi Joan Halifax, Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen & Mary Oliver.



Samantha Barber

Samantha Barber

Samantha believes anyone can benefit from the practice of yoga regardless of experience or age and indulge in the incredible transformation that follows. She has been practicing yoga for 15 years and became a yoga instructor in 2014. After studying neuroscience and kinesiology she found the science behind yoga to be an integral part of her practice. In her classes, she aspires to create a secure, comfortable and fun space where one can surrender and leave the everyday stressors outside the studio to balance the mind and body. Samantha encourages students to personalize their practice and therefore she uses trauma-sensitive language to create a space where everyone can listen to their own body’s wisdom first and her suggestions second. Her classes integrate strengthening postures and mindful breathwork into a creative flow that will increase your flexibility, energy, and stability, not only on the mat but in everyday life. Samantha classes are for all levels; whether you want to challenge yourself with balance and strength or work on relaxation and grounding, she will provide a safe place to practice your unique intentions and have fun.